Dual enrollment courses are college courses that are taught by an adjunct or full-time professor at one of the FSU locations, online or in a high school setting. Courses can be used for both high school and college credit. Students must meet legislated dual enrollment guidelines to enroll for dual enrollment. Some dual enrollment courses may be offered at a high school location.


  • Students can take classes that are not available in their
    high schools, allowing them to expand their academic interests and
  • College courses provide students with additional academic challenges beyond the high school level
  • The credits students earn may help them complete their college degree sooner, as many FSU courses transfer to other colleges
  • Students earning dual enrollment credit may enjoy greater flexibility as full time college students by pursuing a second major or taking advantage of study abroad and/or
    internship opportunities
  • Students may be able to reduce the cost of a college education since tuition may be covered by the high school

Dual Enrollment Brochure
Download the Dual Enrollment Brochure for information about the admissions application, the application process, preferred registration deadlines, and preparing for a dual enrollment course.