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Transfer Guides

Reorganization of Guides and agreements

We are in the process of reorganizing the Transfer guides and agreements. Our goal is to have all of the guides and agreements for each Community College or other agreeing institution on the page for that organization. While this is in progress finding what you are looking for may take a little persistence. Currently the guides for the College of Arts & Sciences are partially moved. When you go to a degree program in the College of Arts & Sciences those that have been moved will have a link on the degrees page to the Community College Listings. Pick the Community College and all of the agreements/guides that have been moved will be displayed. We are moving as quickly as we can to complete this change. When we are done Guides, Articulations, and other Agreements for a particular Community College or organization will be on their page.

Thank You for Your Patience.

If you are considering transferring course work from another college or university, you can review our transfer guides to prepare for a smooth transfer. Listed for your review are the career path, admission requirements, application deadlines, and transfer plan for each FSU major. See how college courses at your institution transfer to Ferris State's programs and majors.

General Education Transfer Equivalency Determinations