Mentee FAQ’s

Is the program free?
Yes, the program is free to qualifying participants who complete an application.

Is this program required for all incoming freshmen?
Peer Mentoring is NOT required for all incoming freshmen. There are students required to participate based upon their admission criteria. Otherwise, the program is voluntary to most Ferris students.

Can anyone join the program?
Any first or second semester Ferris student or first semester transfer student is eligible to have a peer mentor.

Is it possible to get dismissed from the program?
Yes. One program goal is to provide support to students who genuinely have an interest in becoming a successful student. If mentors or mentees engage in activities that may misrepresent Ferris State University or the SCHOLAR Program, the student will be dismissed from the program.

When is the best time for me to sign up for the program?
The program staff will notify first-semester students of the peer mentor opportunity either during summer orientation or prior to the beginning of each semester.

How will I benefit from participating in the program?
Mentee participants benefit a great deal by having a peer mentor. They will be matched with an upper class student who can show them the Ferris campus, someone who provides suggestions about campus resources i.e. tutoring, counseling, athletics, campus events, etc. and someone who will give them advice about college.