General FAQ’s

  • The amount of time you spend with your mentor or mentee will vary depending on your schedules. The staff encourages some type of interaction (i.e. phone, email, one-on-one visit) at least once a week.

  • The Peer Mentor Program offers a wide variety of cultural, academic, and social events throughout the semester. Some past events have included, horse back riding, ropes course, team building exercises, trips to cultural events, bowling, and more. Some additional local activities the program may sponsor are movie tickets, campus workshops, certificates to local restaurants to name a few.

  • The Mentor Program implemented a Ferris Connect tool Fall 2003 which allows participants to stay updated on our events at their finger tips. Students can log into Ferris Connect from home, their apartment, at the library, etc. to get up-to-date reminders, check the calendar for the week and manage their calendar, send emails to participants in the program, chat, look up the names of their mentor or mentee, and much more.

  • The program uses a combination of factors when matching the peer mentor with a mentee. We review similar program/curriculum, then we review students with similar co-curricular and extra-curricular interests. However, the opportunity for growth and learning can come from all types of people who may not share the exact career paths or personal interests.