Welcome Parents!

As the parents of a Ferris State University student, you may have many questions about the opportunities, requirements and challenges facing your student as he or she begins a stimulating and rewarding undergraduate career.

The number one question you may be asking yourself is: What role do I play in my child's career development?

As a parent you have an integral role in assisting your student to become a student who is capable of making successful academic and career decisions. Ways to help your student make the transition to independence include your willingness to:

  • Listen to your students' ideas, hopes and fears, and remain open-minded. They may begin to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses as they encounter our General Education curriculum. Part of the purpose of a general education is to ensure that students acquire a breadth of knowledge about the approaches of the social sciences, the sciences, mathematics, the arts, and a substantial knowledge about western (and possibly non-western) culture.

  • Support their exploration of interests, majors and career paths, even if it isn't what you imagined. They may be exploring different avenues as part of their growth process. An exploration does not necessarily mean a commitment. And if they should make that commitment it will often be a result of their exploration.

  • Encourage your student to begin educational and career planning early, and to visit Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services to investigate available programs, Career Counseling and Educational Counseling services.