ECDS Newsletters
  • Spring 2012  Maybe everything is going great and you worked out all your difficulties during fall semester . . . OR . . .

  • Spring 2010  How are you doing? (academically that is...)

  • Fall 2009  Are you worried you've become a "major changer?" Declaring a major was probably one of the biggest decisions you ever had to make. However, sometimes in life, you may want to rethink your options.

  • Fall 2007  Feeling frazzled already? Learn how to effectively manage your time and identify the Top 10 reasons for visiting the Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services department.

  • Spring 2007  Get off on the right start. Learn how to develop your resolutions for success at Ferris State University.

  • Fall 2006  Needing help? Learn more about how Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services can help you plan for success.