Misperception 13: I will use all of my talents and abilities in my major and in my career.

Career Wisdom: No one major or career uses all of your talents.  FACT: Trying to find a career that uses all of your talents and abilities derails your decision making ability. Learning a variety of tasks helps you sharpen skills that might not be needed in one job but could be invaluable in another. At the start of your career, you should expect to spend time acquiring experience and skills. This is one reality about careers that, Educational and Career Counselors say, many new graduates fail to grasp. Counselors remind job seekers to be patient. New workers should expect to start in entry-level positions and be willing to do routine tasks as they gain experience. It is not practical to choose a "practical" major that you don't enjoy and do well in. Employers want to see you have done outstanding work in whatever you have chosen to study.

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