Misperception 1: There is only one perfect career waiting for me.

Career Wisdom: There are quite a few occupations you would most likely enjoy.  FACT: There are many majors you could choose to satisfy your career goals. A career doesn't always follow a logical progression so avoid thinking the choice you make at this point in your life will put you on a rigid path. There are always a number of different ways to get you to the same place. You will most likely have many jobs during your lifetime. Very rarely does someone enter into a career and stay stagnant throughout their work life. To focus on the impossible belief something must be perfect limits your choices. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to visit Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services to develop a better understanding of your values, interests, and personality preferences and then with one of our counselors, explore those careers that best fit your unique self at this point in your life.

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