Ten Point Plan on How to Live Through Exams
  1. Know when and where the exam is given. You would be surprised how many students miss their final because of some kind of mix-up on scheduling.

  2. Plan your study time. If you only have so much time to learn all of American History, Calculus and Biology, use the time to your best advantage. Make a study chart giving so much time to each subject.

  3. Break up your subjects. You can't concentrate on one subject for hours on end, so drop it and spend some time on another subject, then return to the original subject.

  4. Reward yourself. For every hour of real studying (not including rereading the same sentence 15 times) give yourself a 10-minute break.

  5. Be good to yourself. Eat well, dress well, sleep as much as possible - on your study breaks read a good book, listen to music, whatever you enjoy doing.

  6. Don't depend on Study Groups. Unless you and the others have already studied the material.

  7. Study what's important. Use the syllabus, earlier tests and your impressions to decide what the instructor wants you to know from the course. Chances are that will be on the test.

  8. Ask yourself questions. Just reading and rereading the stuff will drive you nuts. Make up questions as you go then put the book down and answer them.

  9. Study Backwards. You're most liable to forget what was taught at the beginning of the quarter, so start with the most recent material and move back so you study the early stuff just before the test.

  10. Relax for the half-hour before the test. Talk to a friend, eat a sundae, run around the drill field screaming...whatever relaxes you.