Otherwise Qualified Defined

What is Meant by Otherwise Qualified?

When a student applies to Ferris State University they are required to demonstrate to admissions staff they meet the entrance standards for FSU.

The student provides their high school transcripts, college entrance scores (ACT or SAT) and any other important information about themselves that will have a bearing on their potential to succeed and contribute to our diverse campus community.

  • Please note: Community colleges generally have "open door" policies and do not require ACT or SAT testing for admission. Placement tests are required at most community colleges for appropriate course registration.

If a student has been accepted to FSU they have demonstrated they are qualified individuals, despite having a disability.

In a nutshell Otherwise Qualified is defined as:

When a student meets the same academic requirements and standards as non-disabled students. These requirements and standards must be considered necessary to maintain the integrity of a course, program or college policy. For example, a student with a disability is required to meet the instructor's expectations for all students in regards to class participation, work standards, attendance, and ability to demonstrate acquired knowledge.

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