Options for Textbooks



Bookshare.org is a subscription based service that provides electronic versions of books. There is no annual fee at this time to become a member of Bookshare. A member of bookshare.org can download as many books as needed.

Readings for the Blind

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Learning Ally


You may order college textbooks in audio or electronic format through Learning Ally if you are member. If you are a member of Learning Ally and your textbook is not available, contact Disabilities Services.

Text-to-Speech Technology

Students have the option of using assistive technology to scan textbooks and other reading materials onto a PC and using software to read it back to them. The Kurzweil 3000 is available for students to use in the FLITE 119 Assistive Technology Room. Students must bring their own headphones with a long cord. Students should contact Disabilities Services for a demonstration on how to use the software.

When purchasing technology for use with electronic books, we want to remind students and parents that some electronic books used for Nook and Kindle may not be compatible with assistive technology such as Kurzweil text reading software, JAWS screen reading software, and other accessibility software. If you are using electronic (e-text) text books as an accommodation, please keep this in mind when purchasing both hardware and software. You are strongly encouraged to speak with your ECDS Educational Counselor about your e-text needs and concerns.