Classroom Absences

The Dean of your College may provide assistance for notification of faculty in emergency situations (i.e., death in the family, illness). The following is a general list of standards by which they operate:

  • One day absence — Student needs to speak with each classroom instructor giving the reason for their absence.
  • Multiple days — Student contacts the Dean of their College for assistance in notifying instructors.
  • Extended leave (several days or one week) — Student contacts the Dean of their College for assistance in notifying instructors; plus, student needs to provide medical documentation to same office.

PLEASE NOTEUltimately, the number of absences allowed is solely at the instructor's discretion. The Dean of a College as well as our office cannot require an instructor to excuse absences. We can only provide information to help the instructor understand the nature of the circumstances.

Attendance policies are set by faculty and/or the department. Depending on the class, attendance may be a vital part of the course content. Part of the course objective could involve interaction with others or the use of special equipment. Disabilities Services cannot excuse a student from attending class.

Faculty also set their own policies on make- up work and missed exams or quizzes. Disabilities Services cannot ask faculty to lower academic standards.

Disabilities Services can notify faculty that a student may be tardy or absent due to a disability. Faculty is then aware of the situation and can work with the student appropriately.