Prevention of Discrimination

How does Section 504 prevent discrimination against students with disabilities?

Under the provisions of Section 504, universities and colleges may not:

  • Limit the number of students with disabilities that they admit;

  • Make preadmission inquiries as to whether an applicant has a disability;

  • Use admissions tests or criteria that inadequately measure the academic qualifications of disabled students because adjustments were not made for them;

  • Exclude a qualified student with a disability from any course of study for which he or she meets required academic and technical standards;

  • Limit the eligibility of students with disabilities for financial assistance or otherwise discriminate in administering scholarships, fellowships, internships, or assistantships on the basis of disability;

  • Counsel students with disabilities toward more restrictive careers than students without disabilities;

  • Measure student achievement using instruments that adversely discriminate against students with disabilities due to their disabilities; or

  • Establish rules and policies that may adversely affect students with disabilities on the basis of their disabilities.