Medical Condition Documentation

Any systemic illness or other medical condition is considered to be in the medical domain and require the expertise of a physician, including a neurologist, psychiatrist or other medical specialist with experience and expertise in the area for which accommodations are being requested. The diagnostician should be an impartial individual who is not a family member of the student.

The following guidelines are provided to assist us in collaborating with each student to determine appropriate accommodations. Recommended documentation includes:

  1. A clear statement of the medical diagnosis of the physical disability or systemic illness.

  2. Documentation should be current.

  3. A description of present symptoms that meet the criteria for diagnosis.

  4. Medical information relating to the student's needs to include the impact of medication on the student's ability to meet the demands of the post-secondary environment.

  5. Suggestions of reasonable accommodations that might be appropriate at the post-secondary level are encouraged. These recommendations should be supported by the diagnosis.

Completion of the Physician's Statement of Disability can be substituted for a formalized report.