University College Program (UNCP)

Arts & Sciences Commons 1025, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI 49307

Not currently open for new enrollments.

The University College Program is an academic support program that assists first-year students who are ineligible for direct admission into other programs due to previous academic performance.

The purpose of the program is to facilitate students' academic development, enabling them to transfer into the Ferris program of their choice. The courses required to complete the University College Program are UNCP 100 (Freshman Transition Seminar), UNCP 101 (Freshman Seminar), and General Education requirements. Placement is determined by ACT results.

University College Program students are required to register for fall classes no later than the final session of summer orientation/registration. Failure to do so will delay enrollment in the University College Program to the following spring semester.

The program has stringent class attendance and performance requirements which are delineated in the UNCP performance contract. Failure to adhere to attendance requirements or to meet academic expectations will result in dismissal from the University. All University College Program students are required to sign the UNCP performance contract.

In subsequent semesters, University College Program students must meet with their assigned academic advisor prior to scheduling classes. Completion of program requirements, including general education courses, qualifies students to select a program leading to an associate or bachelor degree. Additional information on the University College Program is available from the Developmental Programs and Curriculum Department.

Courses Program Requirements Credit Hours
ENGL By Placement 3-7
MATH By Placement 3-8
READ 106 or 176 By Placement 3
UNCP 100 University College Program Seminar 3
CARE 102 Career and Education Planning 3
UNCP 101 University College Program Seminar 1

General Education

Students may complete their class schedules by enrolling in courses from the College of Arts and Sciences which will meet the University-wide general education requirements of Communication Competence (9 credit hours), Scientific Understanding (7 credit hours), Quantitative Skills (3-4 credit hours), Cultural Enrichment (9 credit hours), and Social Awareness (9 credit hours). Students are advised to determine which general education courses also meet requirements for programs they are considering prior to enrollment.


Shelly VandePanne
Director of Student Academic Affairs