2014-2015 Highlights

A note of appreciation is extended to all staff, faculty and students for their support.

ASC/SLA Contacts

  • The ASC and SLA served 2,721 students with 23,422 contacts in 2014-2015.
  • SLA served 862 students in Fall 2014 and 744 students in Spring 2015, for a total of 1,606.
  • SLA offered 16 courses with 36 sections in Fall 2014; Spring of 2015 SLA was offered in 16 courses and 32 sections.

SLA Noteworthy Courses – Spring 2015

  • ACCT 202 had a pass rate of 100%, which was 14% higher than the non-SLA sections.
  • BIOL 121 had a pass rate of 92%, which was 11% higher than the non-SLA sections.
  • BLAW 321 had a pass rate of 100%, which was 26% higher than the non-SLA sections.
  • MATH 115 had a pass rate of 80%, which was 8% higher than the non-SLA sections.

ASC Collaborations

  • Athletics – Presentations for tutoring and study skills presentations; Athletes participated in tutoring
  • Center for Latin@ Studies – Provided tutors for Wednesday Tutoring in CLS
  • College of Business – Economics Workshop tutoring
  • OMSS – Tutors provided for study table
  • Other Campus Partners
  • Pancakes with the President – Provided tutors in the private dining room in Fall and Spring
  • Residence Life – Provided tutors for six Residence Halls


Culture of Learning and Student Success is Evolving

  • 1st Annual Celebration of National Tutoring Week
  • 1st Annual End of the Semester Celebrations, Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Students are coming in to use the ASC as a study area, enjoying the popcorn and atmosphere.

Academic Success Fairs

  • The 9th Annual Fall Academic Success Fair, September 2014, with 300 students participating. There were 10 departments from across campus represented.
  • The 1st Annual Spring Academic Success Fair, February 2015 in the IRC Connector with 125 students participating. There were 11 departments from across campus represented.

Faculty Resources

ASC Satisfaction Survey

  • Tutoring sessions “met or exceeded the expectations” of 97% of those surveyed.
  • Students surveyed felt their grade had “improved as a result of coming in for tutoring.”

ASC Speaker Series

  • 700 students served in the Fall Semester
  • 125 students served in the Spring Semester

Privacy Film

  • Purchased in Fall 2015, Privacy film was added to the windows of the ASC to provide a feeling of security for students participating in the learning process.


  • Presentations of the ASC’s services were made in on and off campus venues.
  • An SLA presentation was facilitated in the FCTL, with 12 faculty members in attendance.