Lenawee County High-Performance Home

Lenawee County SEED Home

Lenawee Intermediate School District’s Center for a Sustainable Future partnered with Ferris State University and other Michigan groups to build a state-of-the-art Sustainable Energy Efficient Demonstration House (SEED). The planned SEED house would serve as a unique educational tool for the whole community.

The purpose of the house is so that anyone can walk through and realize that energy conservation is practical, affordable and easy to understand in their own homes.

Plans are for the house to be a “cut-away” design so it can show that if a house is newly-built, remodeled or energy-retrofitted as a “system,” it can be air-tight, comfortable and affordable, but still provide fresh, healthy, indoor air quality. The goal is for people to understand if they are building, remodeling or energy-retrofitting their home, it should be very attainable and affordable for them.