Register for the Secondary Welding Competition held May 6, 2016

Contest Rules

  1. Must be enrolled in a Secondary welding course.
  2. Must be sponsored and accompanied by a school teacher, instructor or assistant.
  3. Complete and pass the written safety test with a 90% score or better.
  4. Behave in a safe and reasonable manner.
  5. Respect all people involved in the competition.
  6. Will perform all welds in the manner described in the weldment description sheet.
  7. Input from sponsoring teacher, once the competition begins, will not be allowed.
  8. Complete and submit registration form before May 1, 2016.
  9. A $20.00 per competitor registration fee is required. Send payment with registration form or on-line registrations can bring fees to the competition. There is no charge for instructors.
  10. Bring all safety equipment and tools needed to compete in this competition.
  11. Please make checks payable to "Ferris State University Welding Programs”.
  12. You will receive confirmation of registration, sample weldment drawings, and safety data upon receipt of your registration forms.
  13. Each High School/Technical Center may enter only one competitor in each of the five (5) welding categories.

Registration Form