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To successfully complete the internship course WELD-393, you must demonstrate the ability to work in a welding engineering position out in industry. The following are requirements of the course and all must be successfully completed.

The student will:

  • Be employed in a welding engineering capacity for 10 weeks or 400 hours.
  • As part of his/her internship, solve a welding engineering type problem for his/her employer.
  • Submit consecutive, weekly status reports to the university.
  • Make a presentation of his/her special project to his/her peers at Ferris.

The employer will:

  • Provide meaningful work assignments in welding engineering.
  • Evaluate the intern twice during his/her internship.

The Ferris Internship Coordinator will:

  • Visit the intern at his/her work site.
  • Review weekly status reports from interns.
  • Act as liaison between intern and employers.
  • Evaluate the intern on his/her internship.
  • Review employer evaluations.
  • Assign student grade upon semester completion.