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Pre-Internship Requirements

Prior to actually going out and working in the internship, there are several requirements:

  • Submit a word-processed résumé to the faculty coordinator and have it approved.
  • Submit a sample letter of introduction to the faculty coordinator and have it approved.
  • Successfully complete all Welding Engineering Technology courses required in the junior year.

Training Site Selection

In order to have an orderly and manageable internship program, the following procedure will be followed. Any changes to this procedure will be approved by the faculty coordinator prior to any employer contact. The Welding Engineering faculty have attempted to identify companies throughout the country that have expressed a desire to work on our Internship program. A number of companies have indicated that they would like to hire a summer intern. The process of matching students to employers will be based primarily on two criteria:

  • Geographical location of home.
  • Technical area the student is interested in.


Based on the above information, the students will be submitted to a company for consideration. Your name may be submitted with one or two other students also. At this point it will be up to you to mail a word-processed résumé and letter of introduction to the company for its consideration. Then at the company's discretion, they will call the student or students in for an interview and make their selection.

This system allows Ferris to have some control over student placement, and yet allows the company to choose the best match for its needs. If you have a specific company you desire to do your internship with, it is up to you to contact the company. If the company expresses an interest, you must notify the faculty advisor and he will visit the company to see if it meets with our internship objectives.

This process is identical to what you will experience upon seeking permanent employment prior to graduation. It is a competitive process and it benefits the student to be well prepared.