Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cohort?

A cohort is a group of students who begin taking courses at the same time, and finish at about the same time, even though they may be in different locations around the state. Ferris offers off-campus programs in this way because there isn't usually a large population in one location at any give time to keep certain industry-specific programs economically viable.

What does 3+1 mean exactly?

This refers to the full-time-equivalent years it requires to complete a degree program. Using four years as a full-time-student reference, this would mean a student will take about three years' worth of courses with a community college, and one full year of courses with Ferris State University. Keep in mind that these numbers will refer to taking 17-18 credit hours per semester, and most of our students do not take that many hours while holding a full-time job.

What if I miss a course in the sequence at my original location?

It is important that students make every effort to keep pace with their cohort. Occasionally, circumstances dictate that a course is missed. While this isn't a total disaster, it puts a damper on finishing the sequence with the rest of your cohort classmates. If this does happen, you have several options. One is to wait for the course to be offered again at your preferred location – but this could require waiting a few years for another cohort to begin. Another option is to see if there is another location nearby (or at a reasonable distance) that offers the same course in a different semester. While this is not optimum, it does provide the opportunity to complete the course sequence. There are other options, especially if the course is offered in an online format, but in any case, you should contact your advisor if these circumstances arise.

How long does the sequence take to complete?

Typically, Ferris offers about six credit hours per semester at any given location. Occasionally, this will be slightly higher or lower, depending on the preferences of the cohort. With this pace, the sequence of Ferris courses generally requires 2.5 years to complete. Beyond this time, students will typically need to complete additional courses from the community college to fill gaps in their degree plans, but this varies widely among the many students in the program.

Can I dual enroll, that is, can I take classes at Ferris and at my CC at the same time?

Yes – this is expected of most students. Keep in mind that the more courses you take with your community college while enrolled in Ferris courses, the faster you will complete your degree requirements.

Are any classes held online? How many classes can I expect to take on-line?

Currently, there are a number of options for online courses. Typically, the following courses are offered in an online format: EHSM 330, MGMT 370, and ENGL 311 or 325. In addition, a number of courses are offered in a blended format where students will meet in a face-to-face environment, supplemented with online delivery.

Do I need to meet with my advisor every semester?

Once you become familiar with the degree checksheet, you do not need to meet every semester with your advisor. Common questions can be answered via email, but you should make an effort to meet at least once per year to discuss any issues and upcoming matters of importance.