Internship Syllabus


UNITS OF INSTRUCTION, STUDENT LEARNING GOALS AND COURSE REQUIREMENTS:                                                       

I.    Ten weeks approved, supervised employment at a firm which manufactures, processes, or deals with plastics or rubber.

II.  Ten weekly reports while on-the-job.


A.   Complete and return information sheet with or before first weekly report.  Include location directions!

B.  Report should be at least one page in length, diary or narrative style

C.  Report cover page to contain the following information:

1.   Date submitted

2.   Week for which report is written (dates)


4.  Term and year

5.   Intern’s name

6.    Report number

7.    Company name and location

8.   Shift assignment (days, evenings, nights and/or hours)

D.    Reports accepted no later than 11 school days after end of week covered by report.

E.    Report to be signed by supervision or responsible company representative.


III.   On-the-job visit by the Intern Coordinator or designee. 
Note: this visit cannot be scheduled without the coordinator receiving the information sheet.


IV.     Written evaluation by supervisor


V.       Final Report

A.      Five pages in length, exclusive of materials not written by the intern and a resource page.

B.     Typed, double spaced

C.      Due the last day of term in which registered

D.     May include company organizational and product line information

E.      For each Weekly Report not completed by the Final Report due date, two pages are to be added to the Final Report.

F.       For each week report is late past the beginning of the following term, two pages will be added to the length requirements.


VI.    Student must be registered in either PLTS/RUBR/PPET 193 or PLTS/RUBR 393 for the term in which the internship work is done.  Student will be dropped from course if no communication is received by the end of the tenth week of the term.