Where can I get more information about the university or the program?You may contact the university for general information such as tuition, room, board, and other campus life issues. (click here) You may also contact our department for specific information about the curriculum or careers in construction. (click here)

How do I sign up for my first semester?Contact admissions. (click here) You will most likely need to complete an ACT test or similar assessment. Once admitted, there are several steps in the process to secure your housing and clear your medical records. Typically, you will attend an orientation session on campus. At this time, many of these issues will be cleared up.

As each issue is taken care of, your record will be cleared of any holds placed by housing or the health center. You will then meet with a representative of the college (usually somebody from the construction department) to walk through the on-line registration process. By the time you finish this process (it really is fairly easy), you will have registered for your first semester.

When will I be able to register for subsequent semesters? As soon as you are admitted to the university, you will receive a username and password for the campus portal program called MyFSU. Typically, you will use MyFSU to register for your first semester. About midway through your first semester, you will be assigned a registration date for the next semester. To check for your registration date, you need to log into your MyFSU account, click on the tab for My Academics and follow the links to Student Services then Registration and Registration Status. This screen will also list the faculty member assigned as your advisor. You will need to meet with your advisor prior to registration to have your Advisor Hold removed. (Click here for more information about advising and registration.)

Your first day to register is selected based on the number of completed credits that you have attained. That is, seniors get first choice. This is set up so those closer to graduation have the best chance of getting classes needed for graduation. Obviously, if you transferred in from another institution, any credits carried over or applied to your degree will usually be considered.

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How do I register?To register for any semester other than your first semester on campus, you must not have any holds on your account. This means that your medical records are up to date, you haven't upset housing, the Ferris 5-0 (five-oh, that is) isn't looking for you, AND you have met with your advisor! That's right, in the College of Technology you must first meet with your advisor. Your advisor will discuss your plans and review your performance. Together, you will select appropriate courses for the upcoming semester. Once complete, your advisor will sign a special form that you will have to deliver to Shari in the Department Office (Granger 227). Some advisors may remove the hold themselves right at the point when you meet with them. (Your advisor usually has these forms but you may prepare by picking up a Registration Clearance Form in Granger 227.

Once the form is processed or immediately after your advisor lifts the hold, you should be clear to register. You still use MyFSU (the campus portal that you learned to use during your orientation). If you have questions about using it, the Dean's office staff and most faculty are very willing to lend assistance. Basically, log in using your username and password, click on the tab for My Academics and follow the links to Student Services then Registration. Several options exist at that point.

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  • You want to register as soon as possible on the first day allowed so that you do not get closed out of a course you need.
  • Therefore, see your advisor early! Get your advisor hold removed well before your scheduled first day for registration. Avoid the line outside the advisor's door and don't be rushed!
  • You know how it goes - "First come, first served!" Currently, the registration system opens at 6:00 AM every morning. Have your homework done--determine which courses you really want and have that list of course call numbers ready to enter in MyFSU. Every minute you delay after 6:00 AM reduces your chances for getting into the courses or sections that you desire.
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How do I find my advisor?
To check for your registration date, you need to log into your MyFSU account, click on the tab for My Academics and follow the links to Student Services then Registration and Registration Status. This screen will also identify the first day that you may register for the next semester as well as any holds on your account.
(This is important. See How do I register.)

Stop by your advisor's office to check the schedule outside the door for office hours. Contact your advisor during the listed office hours or call to set up an appointment. Do this in plenty of time before your first day to register.

How and when do I apply for graduation?
Visit your advisor the semester prior to your anticipated graduation. For example, if you plan to graduate in May, visit your professor to complete the forms in the fall. A good time is when you are preparing to register for that last semester.

You must APPLY for graduation so the auditor can check your progress and clear you for graduation. If you are missing anything, or if there are questions regarding such things as transfers or course waivers, the auditor will note these concerns. Meet with your advisor immediately if there are any concerns raised by the auditor. In this way, if a course needs to be taken, you still have time to modify your final semester's schedule.

You will need to complete three forms:
A. The program checksheet with your course grades and semester completed,
B. The General Education checklist, and
C. The Application for Graduation.

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Program Checksheet: This is the form on which you and your advisor keep track of your progress.

General Education Checklist: A green form that confirms the universities general requirements for graduation have been completed. Successful completion of such combination courses as Cultural Enrichments, Social Awareness, Scientific Understanding, etc. are checked.

Application for Graduation: This is a multiple copy form in which you provide the graduation auditor:

  • Your name exactly as you wish it to appear on your diploma;
  • The type of diploma you are planning to receive (i.e, AAS, BS);
  • The semester you plan to graduate;
  • Your desire to attend the commencement ceremonies (Special Note: you should attend and be honored for your accomplishments. This is asked for ceremony space planning purposes.);
  • A list of courses your are taking right now (i.e, your second-last semester); and
  • A list of courses you plan to take the final semester in completion of your degree requirements.

Make your life easy and your visit with your advisor quick. Collect and fill out these forms prior to visiting your advisor. Your advisor will have to sign the Application for Graduation.

Forms are available at the Dean's office (Johnson 200), the Department office (Granger 227). Checksheets and the General Education checklist are also available in Adobe Acrobate (PDF) format here.

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