The alumni of the Construction Technology and Management Department work in many different geographic regions of the world. While many remain in Michigan, a significant number take positions with national and international construction firms.
The intent of this web page is to communicate with our most valuable product, OUR ALUMNI.
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Alumni News
Any alumni wishing to have an item listed in the CTM Alumni News, please contact the CTM Web Team by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of this page.  Better yet, visit our alumni website (follow the preceding directions) and leave us a message there.

A Sampling of Construction Firms That Have Hired Our Alumni
If you notice a firm missing from the list below, please contact the CTM Web Team by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of this page.
Aristeo Construction
Barton Malow Company
Bechtel, Inc.
Boone & Darr, Inc. 
Brown & Root
Centex Construction Group
Christman Construction
Clark Construction Company
D & D Builders
Dan Vos Construction
Devon Industrial Group
Durocher Dock & Dredge
Erhardt Construction
Elzinger & Volkers Construction Services
Etkin-Skanska, Inc.
F.H. Martin Construction Co., Inc.
Fluor Enterprises, Inc.
Frank Rewold and Son, Inc.
Gerace Construction
Granger Construction
Karotech Construction
McCarthy Construction
Motor City Electric
Pioneer Construction
Pulte Homes
Rapistan Systems, Inc.
Rockford Construction
Roncelli Inc.
Siemens Dematic
Thompson McCulley
Turner Construction
Walbridge Aldinger Company
Walsh Construction
Western Waterproofing
Whiting-Turner Construction

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