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This four-day course is designed to provide a basic and uniform understanding of the inspection and evaluation of HMA Paving Operations. Attention is given to providing
participants with an introduction to the basic principles of pavement construction and
quality control. Information will be provided to help ensure a better riding surface and a
reduction in maintenance costs.

Who should attend
The course is open to individuals from both the private and public sectors who perform
regular inspections and evaluations of bituminous paving, and for those who expect to
become street inspectors in the bituminous paving industry.

Application requirements
Basic math skills in the use of fractions, decimals, ratios, and percentages are required

A written examination will be given the last day of class to evaluate the level of learning achieved by the participant.

HMA Paving Operations
This course is designed to give candidates the skills and knowledge necessary to inspect
a HMA Paving Operation in the field.

Course Topics include:
♦ Paving equipment
♦ Base preparation
♦ Traffic control
♦ Paving operations
♦ Rolling operations
♦ Surface treatments
♦ Special bituminous
♦ Construction field testing

Cost: $490 each session