AMSO Upcoming Events

SEPT 23 The Softball game against Mr.Denny's team is Wednesday the 23rd at 6:00pm at the Industrial Fields, Spencer should be sending out an email with directions for those of you who do not know where this is.Come take on Denny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 1st is the Career Fair, Don't Forget to get your suite, business cards and resume ready. Copy Center will print business cards for cheap and they already have templets for our program. If you need help with your resume they have that service on campus as well. We need volunteers for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Detailing is October 3rd, this is a Saturday and you need to be there by 8:00am, please sign up if you already haven't, we need VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Car Smash is going to be held on October 10th, in addition to this Glen Schafer will also be towing the car smash donor behind his JEEP in the homecoming parade with our banners on it. DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paintball is scheduled for October 16th, we had a great time last time and look forward to haveing more people attend this semester. For those of you who volunteer paintball will be free.

The GM tour is tentatively scheduled for October 23rd.

SEMA as of now is still up in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!