Department History

The Automotive Management program began back in the fall of 1971 as the Automotive and Heavy Equipment Technology (AHT) program, and is the oldest baccalaureate degree program in the College of Engineering Technology at Ferris.

The program grew out of industry’s need for leaders with strong technical, industry-specific business and communication skills - under the age of 30. Since Ferris had been in the two-year associate degree business since the early 1950s, it made sense that a third and fourth year bachelors degree option, where students could augment their associates degree in Auto Service, Auto Body, or Heavy Equipment with this added focus, be developed.

In 1986, a decision was made to change the program name to Automotive and Heavy Equipment Management (AHM) to better identify the degree’s management focus.

Since the fall of 1996, the program has also been offered in the greater Detroit area at the Macomb Community College University Center. Courses are offered in the evening to cater to adults who need to work full-time and pursue the degree on a part-time basis. Full-time faculty members deliver major courses, over a three-year rotational schedule. Students take the general education and general business courses through Macomb Community College, any institution of their choice, or a combination of colleges or universities.

In September of 2007, the program name changed again, to Automotive Management (AMGT). This name change more accurately reflects the true nature of the program as it has evolved over the years. This decision was based on input from advisory committee members as well as university curriculum and program review committees. We continue to welcome students from all automotive, auto body, and heavy equipment related programs, both on campus and from community colleges and trade schools throughout the country. After all, the true meaning of the word "automotive" is anything that is self-propelled!

In addition to the name change, two other options for the program were instituted in 2007.

The first new offering was the 0+4 Option . It was made available for high school graduates who want a technical and business management degree. This option has a technical focus the first two years. Students have an opportunity to take 12 credits in a focus area such as a second language, technical writing, technical training, international business, e-commerce marketing, or obtain a minor in another discipline. This option allows students to tailor their degree to their specific area of interest.

The second option, a Minor in Automotive Management was made available for business majors and others who desire a solid overview of the business and cultural side of the transportation industry. The 18-credit minor prepares students to transition into sales, marketing, distribution, and customer relations positions within industry.

Program faculty and staff continue to look for new and better ways to improve the program and enhance relationships with their industry partners.