Monthly Parking Options for 25 Michigan

Grand Rapids Parking and Bus Service

  • Click HERE for Grand Rapids City Parking  
    Click on Parking Facility Locations (pdf) and Parking Rates (pdf) for Details

  • Click HERE for General Student Parking Information  
  • Click HERE for Dash Lots with Shuttle
    • Monthly cards are first come, first served 
    • See DASH Service Schedule or DASH Route Map for Details
  • To Purchase Parking Pass Go To:

Grand Rapids Parking Services
50 Ottawa Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1968

Office Operating Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
24 x 7 contact number (616) 456-3751 or (616) 456-3290

Other Options

  • Ellis Ramp at 25 Michigan 
    • Located on parking "P5" Level of 25 Michigan
    • Click HERE for Ellis Parking (Go to "Monthly Parking")
      • For more information, please contact:  Ellis Parking, 40 Pearl St. NW, Suite 824, Grand Rapids, MI  49503 or call (616) 458-1179
  • MSU Owned Parking Lot at College and Michigan Streets 
    • Click HERE for more details
  • Surrounding Streets (Metered and Unmetered)
  • The Rapid Bus - Unlimited 31-Day Pass (Plus other options)
    • Click HERE for details

  • Walk or Bike (Bike racks are available in ramps) – At 25 Michigan, bike racks located on parking "P6" level and plaza level