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Does your program consist of 6 professional curriculum years or 2 pre-pharmacy years with a continuation into the 4 professional years?

Over the years, pharmacy programs have generally been classified as either "0-6" or "2-4" programs. A "0-6" program refers to the fact that an applicant applies to the college of pharmacy and completes, what is in essence, the pre-pharmacy and pharmacy professional degree program in continuous sequence, in the same college.  A "2-4" program refers to the fact that the program is broken into two components: pre-pharmacy and the professional degree program.  Admission to the professional degree program is contingent upon completion of the pre-pharmacy courses.  Typically, the pre-pharmacy component can be completed at the same college/university; but can also be done in other institutions.  The length (in credit hours) of pre-pharmacy (the "2" component) varies between different colleges of pharmacy.  Pre-pharmacy can be anywhere from 2-years to 4-years (for colleges of pharmacy requiring a Bachelors Degree).  The length of the pre-pharmacy program will not affect the duration of time spent in the professional degree program, which is usually 4-years.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program at Ferris, would fall into the "2-4" category.  Admission to the professional degree program requires the completion of a set of college-level prerequisites.  These prerequisites can be taken at most U.S. or Canadian accredited colleges/universities including Ferris.  The length of time that it takes to complete the prerequisites depends on the year of admission (to the professional degree program) and the individual.  You should examine the prerequisites carefully, and consult with an adviser.  Please note: We have recently made changes in our prerequisites that take effect for those applying for admission to the professional degree program in 2014 (or later).  These changes lengthen the "2" component (pre-pharmacy component).  These changes will typically add at least one semester (and possibly 2) creating what might be best categorized for some as a 3-4 program.