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Does Ferris have a minimum score requirement for the PCAT?

For an application to be considered for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program, the applicant must have a cumulative pre-pharmacy required course GPA of no less than 2.5 and should have a PCAT composite score which ranks them at no less than a 50th percentile. Applicants should have verbal and reading sub-score above the 25th percentile.

In previous years, the "should" was a "must".  This meant that in the past, the College of Pharmacy would not review an application associated with a PCAT score below the 50th percentile.  The change in language from a "must" to a "should" means that a PCAT score below the 50th percentile will not result in an automatic disqualification.  Instead they will be subject to further review.  It is important to note however, that the PCAT score is an important component of the ranking formula.  Applicants should refer to our entering class statistics to see the average PCAT composite and GPA's for those admitted.

The same interpretation should be used for the 25th percentile verbal and reading.  These are not automatic disqualification thresholds, but they do represent scores that will draw scrutiny related to the communication aptitude of the applicant.

NOTE: Admission to the College of Pharmacy is a competitive process that is based on the criteria set forth in the admission policies.  As a result, higher PCAT composite scores will contribute to more favorable ranking.