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Do you take the January PCAT from the year of admission I am applying for?
Most of the Colleges of Pharmacy in the region that utilize the PCAT require scores from the year prior.  In other words, if someone is applying for admission for 2013, then the last PCAT accepted would be from September 2012 (the year prior).  Ferris State University College of Pharmacy will accept a PCAT from January for the year of admission (2013), provided there is a PCAT score from the prior years (2012 or before).  Here are some examples.

An applicant is applying for admission to the College of Pharmacy for Fall, 2013. 

  1. They have one PCAT score from September 2012: This PCAT is eligible and if all other requirements are met, their application can be reviewed.
  2. They have one PCAT score from January 2013 and NO prior PCAT scores: This application will be disqualified automatically since they are relying solely on the January PCAT in the year of admission.
  3. They have one PCAT score from January 2013 and one PCAT score from September 2012: If all other requirements are met, this application will be reviewed and the January PCAT will be used if needed; and at the discretion of the College of Pharmacy.
The use of the January PCAT will likely result in a delayed application review (if needed) and may result in a late cycle consideration (e.g. for the wait list) depending on the applicant pool.  For case #3 above, if the candidate has a PCAT score from September 2012 that puts them in a rankable position, then their application will be considered in the normal cycle independent of the score received in January.  In other words, if an acceptable PCAT score is received from the prior year, the admissions office will not hold up processing an applicant waiting for the January PCAT.  The College of Pharmacy reserves the right to use the January PCAT score at their discretion (or not at all) in the context of the balance of the application portfolio.