PURPOSE: The objective of this organization is to inform and educate students at the Michigan College of Optometry and at Ferris State University who are interested in learning more about what private practice consists of and what it has to offer to the optometric private practitioner. The organization will explore, through independent speakers, presentations, and activities, the opportunities, rewards, and challenges faced regarding both the technical and business aspects of this mode of optometric practice.

MEMBERSHIP: Any student attending the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University may become a member of the organization. In order to achieve active member status, students must attend five meetings, presentations, or other organization sponsored events per academic year. Each academic year will mark a new term for the opportunity to achieve active member status. Members are not required to pay dues but are expected to contribute in MOSPPA fundraising activities. Members are expected to behave positively and courteously when attending any meeting, presentation, or activity.