Below are links to other informational sites. The Michigan College of Optometry and Ferris State University do not endorse any of the following sites:


  • All About Vision -- Patient information on vision problems, eye surgery, contact lenses, eye examinations, etc.  
  • American Academy of Optometry -- The AAO serves to maintain and enhance excellence in optometric practice by fostering research and the dissemination of knowledge in both basic and applied vision science and patient education on a wide variety of eye and vision topics.  
  • American Optometric Association -- The Mission of the AOA is to... "Advance the profession and serve optometrists in meeting the eye care needs of the public." The objectives of AOA are centered on improving the quality and availability of eye and vision care. The AOA fulfills its mission in accordance with the following goals: 
  • Health care and public policy related to eye care will uniformly recognize optometrists as primary care providers and ensure the public has access to the full scope of optometric care.  
  • Optometrists and other professionals will look to the American Optometric Association for professional standards, research and education leadership which serve to enhance and ensure competent, quality patient care. 
  • The public, optometrists and other professionals will turn to the American Optometric Association for reliable and current information related to optometry, eye care and health care policy. 
  • Antique Spectacles - This website is the result of the collaboration of International educators and is for everyone s interest and enjoyment. It is the place where we celebrate vision aids, especially spectacles. Certainly one of the most significant inventions of all time, they are symbols of man's incredible ingenuity and craftsmanship. Embrace the profound impact that spectacles alone have had on the human experience over the past 730 years. Use this link to learn more. 
  • Michigan Optometric Association -- The Mission of the MOA is to unite all licensed optometrists and be the representative voice for the profession of optometry in Michigan. The association provides education, information and other members services to assist optometrists in practicing successfully in accordance with the highest standards of patient care; works to advance the quality and accessibility of optometric services throughout the state and seeks to ensure the recognition of optometrists as the primary providers of vision and related health.  
  • Net Wellness -- Health information and patient education on a wide variety of topics.