Preliminary Testing
Preliminary Testing, to initially define the patient s visual function, ocular health, and related systemic health status.  The preliminary tests include an assessment of ocular motility, binocular vision, and accommodation; the interrelationship of these functional aspects of vision is especially critical for clear, comfortable vision for reading and other close work. The following areas may be assessed:

  • General observation of the patient s overall appearance and mobility
  • Observation of external ocular and facial areas
  • Neurological evaluation of pupil responses to light
  • Extraocular muscle movements and eye tracking
  • Binocular eye alignment
  • Focusing skills
  • Binocular depth perception
  • Optomap retinal exam
  • Color vision

Patients who present for a comprehensive examination may have an Optomap retinal exam completed. This cutting edge technology utilizes a scanning laser ophthalmoscope to record a 200 degree digital image of the retina so that any changes can be followed. The Optomap is an excellent educational tool since the digital image is available to the faculty doctor to more clearly explain any retinal changes to the patient. The Optomap represents a permanent digital documentation of each patient s retinal health.


Comprehensive Exams include:

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