Grade Change Appeals

Students may appeal a course grade by following this procedure:

  1. The grade appeal must be made no later than the fifth working day of the semester subsequent to when the final grade was issued (excluding summer).
  2. The student may appeal the grade only once.
  3. The burden of proof is a student s responsibility.
  4. The student must first discuss the grade in question with the instructor who gave the grade in order to clarify misunderstandings, arithmetic, etc.
  5. In the event that the student and instructor are not able to resolve the issue, the student may then appeal the grade in writing to the respective instructor's department head. A copy of the appeal will be forwarded to the instructor.
  6. The instructor will then respond to the appeal, in writing, to the department head.
  7. On the basis of the student's appeal and the instructor's response, the department head will inform the parties in writing of his or her decision.
  8. In the event that the student or instructor is still dissatisfied with the grade in question, he or she may further appeal the decision to the Dean's office. A cover letter with copies of the original appeal, the instructor's response, and the department head's decision must be submitted to the Dean's office.
  9. The Dean's office will establish an ad hoc committee composed of a representative of the Dean's office and two faculty representatives from the Standards and Policy Committee to review the appeal. The committee may request additional documentation and/or call for any ad hoc members to assist in the appeal process. The committee will issue its recommendation to the Dean whose decision is final and binding.
  10. The appeals process must be concluded not later than the semester following the initiation of the appeal.