About Me

I have twenty-five years of experience as an Early Childhood professional. I have experience teaching infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-agers and children with special needs. I have taught in day care centers, public schools, family/home daycare, campus childcare, and church day care. A few examples of some of the activities I have done as a teacher of young children are:

  • carving pumpkins and toasting the seeds (I handled the sharp knife)
  • fingerpainting with shaving cream
  • making yarn and ribbon collages
  • painting a large refrigerator box to be a school bus (we painted the floor too)
  • reading Good Night Moon at naptime
  • singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
  • taking a field trip to a limestone cave
  • visiting a maple tree at different times to see the seasonal changes

I also have experience as a Day Care Center Director for a center of 160 children and 16 staff. Some of the jobs I did as an administrator include:

  • driving children to swimming lessons
  • fixing an overflowing toilet (a paintbrush was wedged in it)
  • painting classroom walls (with a power paint sprayer)
  • shoveling sand into the sandbox
  • shoveling snow off the sidewalks
  • supervising student teachers
  • teaching a workshop on creative art
  • working with a teacher to improve her classroom management
  • writing a software program for budget reports
  • writing curriculum goals and themes

I've been married for twenty-five years and have one son. I've lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio & Michigan. My hobbies and interests when I'm not working with children are many and varied. These are a few of my favorite things:

  • being outdoors
  • biking
  • camping & hiking
  • difficult puzzles (I'm doing a World's Most Difficult puzzle now)
  • gardening
  • ice cream
  • playing handbells
  • reading mystery novels
  • singing in choir
  • the color purple
  • toddlers (of course I love all young ages)
  • volunteering for charities

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