Interim Occupational Certification
Michelle Kelenske, MS
Advisor, Vocational Authorization Officer
1349 Cramer Circle, Bishop 416A
Big Rapids, MI 49307
phone: (231) 591-3642
fax: (231) 591-2043
* Michigan Department of Education
* Michigan Test for Teacher Certification
* Verify Teacher Certifications
* Michigan Center for Career and Technical Education


Interim Occupational Certification
(formerly "Vocational")


Career and technical education is offered as either a part of the regular school curriculum (vocational/non-wage earning) for the education of students as a vocational/occupational/wage earning program specifically designed to prepare students for employment in an occupational area.
Interim Occupational Certificate (IOC) – formerly Temporary Vocational Authorization

Allows the holder to teach in state reimbursed and approved, vocational education classrooms in the occupational are(s) in which he or she is endorsed.

IOC Requirements:

• Bachelor's degree
• Completion of an approved major in an occupational area
• Two years (4,000) hours of recent and relevant work experience in an occupational area
• Successfully completed a minimum of 9 semester hours of education credit
• Passed the MTTC Professional Readiness Exam (formerly basic skills test)
• Passed the MTTC Subject Area test if available
• Ferris also requires CPR/First Aid (adult/child) 

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