How to Become a Certified Teacher
  1. First you need to decide what majors and/or minors you wish to be certified to teach:
  2. Certification Office at Ferris State University. Your letter should include the education program(elementary or secondary certification, teacher certification program or graduate program), which subjects you have chosen as your major(s)/minor(s), a return mailing address, e-mail address, social security number, and a daytime telephone number.

    See Program Plan Processing Fee for all non-FSU students.

  3. The Next Step - Program Plan

Now that you have decided what you would like to teach, you need to find out what courses you should take and what other requirements will need to be completed to become certified. This information is called a Program Plan. To obtain a Program Plan, you must do the following: 

  1. Write, fax, or e-mail a letter to the
  2. Include with your letter a photocopy of all your college transcripts. Official transcripts will be required when you apply to the University.
  3. Include in your letter any specific questions you may have.
  4. If you hold a teaching certificate please indicate this information. You may mail, fax, or email your materials to:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Certification officer, Ferris State University          1349 Cramer Circle                                          Bishop 416A                                                        Big Rapids, MI 49307                                          Fax: (231) 591-2043                                        Email:                                                                                               
  5. Your transcripts and intentions will be evaluated. The entire process takes approximately 6-8 weeks.
  6. A Program Plan will be mailed to you detailing your program objectives.

This program information is for interested candidates who currently hold a bachelors degree or vocational major and would like to determine their individual requirements to become a certified teacher without obtaining an additional bachelor's degree.

Teacher Certification Officer:

Michelle Kelenske, MS
Telephone: (231)591-3642
Fax: (231) 591-2043

Michigan Department of Education

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Mailing Address :
Certification Office
Attn: Michelle Kelenske 
College of Education & Human Services
Ferris State University
1349 Cramer Circle, BIS 421E
Big Rapids, MI 49307

U.S. Department of Education