Bulldog Company hosts a broad range of Cadet Clubs that are lead by the cadets themselves, with Cadre oversight. The club enhances cadets' skills through training they may not receive otherwise. They also give cadets recognition and an unrivaled confidence during regular Company and Battalion operations. Participation in these clubs additionally gives cadets extra points in their accessions packets when they are submitted for ranking on the National Order of Merit List.

Color Guard

Our color guard parades our national color along with our unit flag for a number of events held here at Ferris State University. This is a common performance in the US armed forces to honor our nation during the national anthem, change of command, etc.

Honor Guard

 Honor Guard is a select group of individuals who are highly motivated and maintain extremely high standards of appearance during ceremonial service. As a Ferris ROTC unit we perform this display for our own Ferris State Bulldogs hockey games.

Queens Court

Queens Court is a cadet club that raises and lowers the national colors properly according to US armed forces fashion. This club performs this before and after Ferris States Bulldog's football team's home games. They are also there to support the Bulldog's football team in conjunction with the cannon club.

Cannon Club

BOOM!! Cannon Club is in charge of celebrating the success of our Bulldog's football team by the boom of our WW1 75mm Howitzer cannon. If you have been to a home football game, you know we are there,BOOM!! 

Norwegian Ruck March

The Norwegian Ruck March is a complete test of ruck ability and stamina. The ruck is held at the University of Southern Indiana and open to anyone in military uniform. It is a 30k or 18.6 mile ruck with 25lb ruck not including water and food. This event is fairly new but will be practiced once a year.

Ranger Challenge

The Ranger Challenge is to test the agility, strength, stamina, weapon accuracy , and all out performance through a variety of events. These events can be PT tests, Land Navigation, Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Weapons assembly/disassembly, Obstacle course, 10K road march, etc. Ferris State ROTC joins with our sister company, CMU ROTC, and is a mix of both male and female cadets who strive for extreme physical and mental challenge. Ranger Challenge is held at Fort Knox, Kentucky for 3 consecutive days.