Transfer Students

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Ferris State University is proud to welcome transfer students. Many members of our student body began their college level work at a university or community college elsewhere, but found a positive college experience when they transferred here.

Many students complete their first two years of college coursework at a community college, often earning an associate's degree along the way, and then transfer to the CAS to complete a bachelor's degree. Use the information below, and work closely with your community college advisors to strike the right balance for your situation.

Plan for your Major BEFORE you Transfer

Plan for your General Education Requirements BEFORE you Transfer

Once you have applied and been admitted, a MyFSU account is available for students who have been accepted to Ferris State University. The equivalents shown on the academic transcript are the Ferris course numbers. You can use your unofficial academic transcript to review your evaluations. To review the evaluations on your MyFSU online account using your unofficial transcript use the following instructions:

  1. Login to MyFSU
  2. Select "Academics & Services" Tab
    Select "Academics & Services"
  3. Under the "Student Records" section, click "Unofficial Academic Transcript"
    Select "Unofficial Academic Transcript"
  4. Ensure the selected options are as shown below before clicking the "Submit" button:
    Transcript Level = All Levels && Transcript Type = Unofficial Transcript

This is your academic transcript of all college coursework. The top will show Transfer Credits and below that will show Institution Credits.

For an Explanation of Transfer Equivalency Evaluations

NOTE TO TRANSFER STUDENTS NEW TO FSU: Please check your MyFSU e-mail regularly to obtain information on orientation and registration.

You can also see how your transfer credits apply to your new program of study by using your MyDegree program audit. Students who have applied and been admitted to a program can see how their transfer credits are automatically applied to their declared major by using the MyDegree audit program.

If you want more information about the programs CAS has to offer:

College of Arts and Sciences Academic Programs site

If you have any questions regarding...

  1. The evaluation of a specific course
  2. A discrepancy in number of credits awarded or grade posted
  3. Omission of course(s)
  4. Omission of degree or MACRAO posting OR if course(s) are a REPEAT of a course taken at FSU