Financial Aid Caution


Students were notified Spring 2009 by the Office of Financial Aid that if you were hoping to receive federal financial aid after admission to the College of Pharmacy you MUST have 72 hours attempted at the UNDERGRADUATE level. Currently our Pre-Pharmacy program is only 67 hours. Students NOT meeting the 72 attempted hours will NOT be able to receive Federal Financial Aid during their FIRST semester of the professional program.

Options for Attempted Credit Include:

  • CLEP Exams* (you may NOT have taken the course or received credit for the course.) There is a charge for these exams.
  • AP Credits* taken at your High School. You must have passed the AP test with a 3, 4 or 5 to earn attempted credit.  There may be a charge to have your scores sent. Be sure you have released your scores to Institutional Research and Testing.
  • Hidden Credits: Be sure to send in any transcripts from previous dual enrollment or summer school experiences. There may be a cost to have your official transcripts from the other college or university sent.
  • Additional Free Elective Suggestions:
    • COMM 301: Interviewing (because of new face-to-face interview requirement at the College of Pharmacy)
    • PHIL 220: Ethics in Health Care
    • PHIL 320 Biomedical Ethics
    • Courses in which you are interested or would like to explore further or for fun
  • Completion of an additional Social Awareness Elective (3 Credits) would allow you to receive an Associate in Science degree - you would still need to attempt two additional credits to achieve those 72 hours.
  • Completion of additional coursework to help you be competitive for other Pharmacy programs
    • PHYS 211/212:  Introduction to Physics 1 and 2
    • MATH 220:  Analytical Geometry/Calculus 1
    • BIOL 300:  Pathophysiology
    • BIOL 375:  Genetics
    • CHEM 364:  Biochemistry
    • MATH 251: Statistics for Life Sciences 
  • Community College/University Transfer Credit Electives: If you are an Honors student these need to be courses that are NOT tied to a College of Pharmacy Requirement.

If you have been accepted into the College of Pharmacy and are still lacking credit you may also want to consider completing the following for additional credits:

  • Math Proficiency Exams* taken in the Math Department. You must pass the proficiency test to earn attempted credit. There is a charge for these exams and they are connected to specific courses.
  • Chemistry Proficiency Exams* taken in the Physical Sciences Department. You must pass the proficiency test to earn attempted credit.  There is a charge for these exams and they are connected to specific courses.
  • Please note: “W” and “F’s” also count towards attempted hours but may seriously impact competitiveness towards the program and/or Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.

*Failing the test does not constitute attempted credits.

For further information, see College of Pharmacy link below: