Rebecca Sammel
Rebecca Sammel

Associate Professor
Office: ASC 3046
Phone: (231) 591-3073
E-mail Address:

Dr. Rebecca Sammel teaches Composition, World Folk Literature, Native American Literature, Post-Colonial World Literature, Early British Literature, Advanced Business Writing, Shakespeare, and other courses.

Ph.D. in English, specializing in Comparative Medieval Literature, the 
     University of California at Davis.
M.A. in English Literature, the University of California at Davis
M.A. in Medieval Studies, the University of Toronto
B.A. in Literature, the University of California at Santa Barbara

Dr. Sammel has a wide range and many years of teaching experience: Courses she has taught include:
• From Myth to Faith: Literature of the Ancient World (Dr. Sammel’s favorite)
• From Faith to Reason: Literature from the Medieval period through the Enlightenment
• The Modern Crisis: European Literature & Film at the Turn of the 19th Century
• Post-World War II Literature and Film: the European Malaise
• Contemporary World Literature: Africa, India, South America, and the Caribbean
• Masterpieces of English Literature
• Shakespeare’s Plays and Sonnets
• The Art of the Narrative Tale: Ovid, Chaucer, Boccaccio, The Arabian Nights
• Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
• British Literature from the Earliest Times to the 18th Century
• Senior Seminar: The Dream-Vision in Literature of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
• Medieval English Literature
• The Struggle for Freedom: Contemporary World Literature
• Post Colonial World Literature
• World Folk Literature
• Native American Literature
• English as a Second Language
• Beginning Composition
• Advanced Business Writing
• Advanced Composition

Dr. Sammel’s dissertation research explored medieval parody in Middle English, Medieval Latin, Middle Welsh, and Old French. Following a year of research in Medieval and Renaissance Culture at Keble College, Oxford University, in England, Dr. Sammel was awarded a year-long Fulbright Teaching Fellowship teaching English Language and Literature at the Université de Bordeaux, France.

She’s had many adventures traveling and says that the best adventures befall you when you travel with an open mind. She has lived in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Canada, England, and France, and she has visited Nepal, Kashmir, Turkey, Greece (nearly perished in a 28-foot sailboat on a stormy Ionian Sea), Europe, Papua New Guinea, Australia, the Fiji Islands, Scandinavia, and other countries. An avid traveler, Dr. Sammel sojourns abroad when possible and loves to explore different cultures. She encourages her students to travel to other continents with an open mind and positive attitude, whenever and wherever possible. One of her favorite benefits of teaching is reading the travel blogs of her students abroad. She dislikes shopping and most TV; she enjoys backpacking, rockclimbing, kayaking, skiing, touch football, snowshoe-backpacking, tubing, and playing any sport except basketball (she’s 5’3”).

Dr. Sammel is on the Steering Committee for Globalization Initiative, an interdisciplinary group of Ferris faculty, staff and students working to raise awareness of globalization here on campus. She is Project Leader of “Critical Encounters with Globalization,” bringing experts from industry and academia here for presentations and dialogue with the Ferris community. To learn about our ongoing projects and events, or to suggest a speaker or discussion topic, email Dr. Sammel at