Bachelor of Arts Degree in BIOCHEMISTRY

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Biochemistry at Ferris provides a core of chemistry courses that includes organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, and biochemistry. These courses take the student through the atomic and molecular nature of matter and ultimately focus on the behaviors of matter in living systems. The chemistry is supported by solid coursework in mathematics, physics and biology. It stresses breadth with fewer required chemistry courses than a Bachelor of Science degree but good scientists also need to be exposed to the arts, the social sciences, and humanities. Biochemistry students should have a particular interest in and aptitude for science, especially as it pertains to living systems, and a desire to explore the connections with other fields of knowledge. Advanced students may participate in independent study and undergraduate research projects.

Biochemistry, a field of study that blends the research focus of biology and chemistry, prepares graduates for a wide variety of occupations. Biochemists work in many environments, including patent law, pharmacology, technology research, toxicology, forensic chemistry, and food nutrition analysis. Biochemists also work directly in chemical, health science, and technology research labs in both public and private industry.  A degree in biochemistry can also prepare you for graduate studies in medicine, law, pharmacy, biology, and chemistry. The field of biochemistry is expanding with new technology, thus there is an increased need for research and development, especially in areas of complex health issue such as cancer and infectious diseases.  A major in biochemistry provides an education in a dynamic field with applications to suit a wide variety of personal career goals.

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