Tartuffe (2008)

The story revolves around a hypocrite named Tartuffe, who is pretending to be a holy man. He has fooled Orgon but not the rest of Orgon's family. Unfortunately, is so taken in by Tartuffe that he decides to cancel the engagement between his daughter, Mariane, and her fiancé, Valere and marry her off to Tartuffe. Later, Tartuffe tries to seduce Elmire (Orgon’s wife) but Orgon refuses to believe it. In fact, Orgon is so angry, that he decides he will transfer all his property over to Tartuffe. Later on, his wife tricks Tartuffe into revealing himself, Orgon loses his temper, tells Tartuffe to get out of his house, and then is surprised when Tartuffe says it is his house and orders Orgon to leave. But, miraculously, the king (Moliere’s true sponsor) sees through Tartuffe and Orgon and his family are saved and Mariane and Valere married.

A Comedy by Moliere