Transfer Students - Things to Consider

If you are planning to complete additional college coursework, you must provide updated transcripts for evaluation, as your current college will not automatically send another transcript.

Grades earned at another college that are C- or below are not accepted by Ferris, and credit hours are not granted for them unless you have already earned an AAA, AAS, BA, BS degree or your school falls under the MACRAO agreement. Please note that programmatic requirements and prerequisites override the University's policy to accept grades lower than a C.  Please read the requirements noted on your program literature and contact your program directly if you have further questions.

Credit is granted only once per course. If a course is repeated, the best grade stands. If you ve repeated a course, please contact the Records Office at to have a re-evaluation of your GPA done.

Courses that transfer to FSU at below the 100 level do not count toward graduation and credit hours are not granted for them.

If a course that Ferris accepts has fewer credits than the Ferris requirement, you may need to take additional courses to fulfill the minimum graduation credit requirements of your program.  Please check with your department office.