Molecular Diagnostics Bachelor Degree at Ferris State University

Molecular Diagnostics

The field of laboratory medicine is advancing towards the use of molecular techniques and molecular diagnostics for the detection of genetic disorders, pre-transplantation screening, infection diseases and cancer. With the introduction of personalized medicine, there will be an increase in genetic testing. Molecular diagnostics can also aid in the decision for therapy used in genetic disorders.

There is a demand for professionally educated and technically competent individuals to work in this growing area of laboratory medicine. There is a demand nationally in hospitals, reference laboratories, private genetic laboratories and pharmaceutical industries.

In the molecular diagnostics program you will learn how to aid in the diagnosis of cancer, infectious diseases, pharmacogenomics, and the predisposition to disease by performing and interpreting laboratory results using molecular diagnostic assays.

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What Interested Students Should Know

Ferris trains students on the same sophisticated equipment found in clinical laboratories nationwide.

The program combines classroom instruction and laboratory practice on-campus with a clinical internship to prepare graduates.

Location – In the Molecular Diagnostics program, students spend approximately four semesters completing prequalification course work (Big Rapids Campus).  Upon successful completion of the prequalification courses, students apply for admission to the Molecular Diagnostics program and commence the professional sequence of courses (Grand Rapids Campus) spread over an additional five semesters.  The final semester of the curriculum is devoted to an off-campus 12-week intern experience at a pre-approved clinical site (which may require an out-of-state placement).

Students must complete the professional phase within 5 years of commencing it.


Ferris State University is actively seeking accreditation for the molecular diagnostics program through the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). NAACLS can be contacted in writing at 5600 N River Road, Suite 720 Rosemont, IL 60018-5119, by phone at (847) 939-3597, and online at


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