Disabilities Services

Disabilities Services:  Services and Procedures

If a Student's 504 Plan or IEP is Sent to Admissions, Are They Automatically Registered for Disabilities Services?

No. Unlike high school, each student must register separately to ensure their access to accommodations. Each student must come to STARR 313 to the Disabilities Services to begin the process of requesting services, verifying their disability and determining which accommodations may be reasonable for them to request.

504 Plans and IEPs from high school have no weight in higher education — they are neither binding at Ferris State University, nor can they be used to verify a student's disability for civil rights purposes.

A student's registration with this office is confidential. The disclosure of information to faculty, other students, university staff or parents — is a student's prerogative as an adult.

A student with a disability is responsible for requesting accommodations through Disabilities Services. Our office will not seek students out. A student with a disability is also responsible for providing acceptable documentation of his or her disability.

Remember, a student with a disability does not have to disclose his or her disability to Ferris State University. Disclosure of a disability is always on a voluntary basis. However, a student will not receive accommodations unless he or she discloses this information to our office.
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