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Ferris State University’s renovation of the Federal Building in Grand
Rapids has earned a 2012 Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation.
Ferris was among six recipients to earn this distinction. The award was
established to recognize institutions, organizations, governments and
individuals who strive to preserve Michigan’s important historic and
cultural resources.
Ferris and its Kendall College of Art and Design share the award
with their partners, Christman Capital Development Company, the
Christman Company, architects TowerPinkster, Hopkins Burns
Design Studio and the City of Grand Rapids. Historic preservation
was a top priority of the project from the beginning, and guided the
assembly of the architectural and construction teams. Christman Capital
Development Company also received a 2011 award for its role in the
rehabilitation of the Ottawa Street Power Station in Lansing.
The State Historic Preservation Office notes that preserving historically
significant sites is vital to keeping Michigan a place where people want to
work, live and spend their leisure time.
“The importance of the project can perhaps best be appreciated by
trying to imagine what the space would be like had this renovation not
succeeded,” says Ferris President David Eisler. “Downtown Grand
Rapids now has a resource that combines the best of its past with a
vision for the future. Last fall, Grand Rapids was chosen as one of the
country’s top 10 cities in which to relocate. The investment in the city
and region that projects such as this represent is part of the reason why.”
The project was made possible through close cooperation between
the university, its partners, and several individuals, foundations and
companies. The Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation, Meijer
Foundation, The Wege Foundation, Ferris State University, Herman
Miller Inc., The Frey Foundation, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family
Foundation, The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, George
and Barbara Gordon, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, The
Steelcase Foundation, and Michael and Susan Jandernoa all contributed
generously to the Federal Building’s renovation. The Douglas and
Maria DeVos Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Nucraft Furniture
Company, Haworth, Joseph Jeup Inc., Dustin and Lisa Hoffman, and
Sandi and Ron Steensma also made generous gifts.
The university and its partners received the award during a ceremony in
the Michigan State Capitol Rotunda on May 1.
Ferris Receives Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation
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