Ferris Magazine: Spring 2013 - page 11

Danielle Voorhies
Grand Haven, Mich.
Political Science
The recipient of a prestigious student Fulbright
award to South Korea for 2013-14, Danielle has studied Korean, French,
and Spanish. She is president of Circle of Tribal Nations, a student
organization that promotes Native American tribal culture, preservation
and awareness. Danielle also founded FSUbuntu, an organization to
support students seeking scholarships such as the Fulbright award and
to bring globalization events to campus. She has a 3.97 GPA.
Why Ferris?
“I chose Ferris for the many opportunities for students
and great majors. Many offices on campus, especially the new Center for
Global Studies and Engagement, bring numerous educational, career-
relevant and entertaining events every semester. Not only do I love
being able to attend these events, I got to plan them! Ferris also offers a
tremendous amount of employment opportunities on campus that not
only give you great experience, but help you fund your education.”
Why Political Science?
“I love helping people learn about other
cultures and get a broader image of the world, so I decided to switch.
I want to help local businesses have access to international resources,
because there are so many local, family-owned businesses that are
struggling. I want to help those local businesses navigate trade laws,
trade internationally and sell their goods overseas, and get goods from
overseas to sell here. That’s really hard for small, “mom and pop” stores.”
Can you get an “international experience” at Ferris?
“Yes. That’s
why we created FSUbuntu, with help from the Office of International
Education and our faculty advisor, Charles Vannette.
is an
African philosophy of togetherness. The idea is ‘I am what I am because
of who we all are.’ This year, we were the only Michigan institution to
receive a grant from the United States Institute of Peace, which is a
part of the Institute for International Education. We’re bringing in three
speakers as part of our World Conflict Resolution Lecture Series. Also,
I got together with Sara Ansari, an Iranian student who is now a staff
member in Extended and International Operations office, and applied
for a grant from the Diversity and Inclusion Office to have the first-ever
Persian New Year, called
, on campus. We celebrated that on
March 20.”
Advice for incoming students:
Start early. “My freshman year, I was
like, ‘Oh, I’m in college!’ I was still active and had jobs on campus, but
wasn’t anywhere near as active as I was later. You think, ‘Oh, I have four
years here.’ Four years is not that long! Don’t volunteer to build your
résumé, do it because you’re passionate about it. It makes you feel
accomplished. You look back at what you’ve done and see that you’ve
made a difference. I love Ferris. I’m really sad I have to leave.”
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