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FALL 2013
Bill Simpson (B’ 98)
of Stanton, Mich., is
CEO of Life Document Storage, a
comprehensive end-of-life planning
and life information system. In his work
as a funeral director, Simpson saw
first-hand the difficulties many grieving
families faced in putting their loved
ones’ affairs in order, so he created a
safe and convenient electronic storage
system for users to upload important
life documents and arrange for their
transfer to an appointee upon the death or
incapacitation of the accountholder.
“People often think — because they have
estate plans, a life insurance policy, a will
and trust or funeral plans — that they are
all set,” says Simpson. “The problem is,
if their families can’t find this information
when they need it, they’re not really
Simpson is a second-generation licensed
funeral director. More information is
available at lifedocumentstorage.com.
Dave Seales (B ’92)
assumed the
role of associate director of Learning
and Organizational Effectiveness at
Harvard Business School in Boston,
Mass., effective in July 2013. Dave
works as part of the Human Resources
team to partner with managers and
staff across the college to support their
leadership development and performance
management objectives.
Amanda (Rehr) (AH ’99)
and Jeff
Grampovnik, of Wauconda, Ill., welcomed
the birth of their daughter, Brinnley Haven,
on July 2, 2012. She joined big brother,
Lance Gosselin (B ’01)
and his wife,
Lori, of Whitehall, Mich., welcomed their
first child, daughter Morgan Renee, on
Oct. 15, 2012.
Scott (E ’01)
Nicole (Reid) Lewis
(AH ’99)
, of Hastings, Mich., are pleased
to announce the birth of their son, Colt
Dale, born April 25, 2012. Colt joins big
sisters Bailey and Kennedy. Scott was a
member of the Bulldog hockey team.
Jill (Collins) Brown (EHS ’03)
, of
Sandusky, Mich., graduated in April 2013
from Wayne State University’s School of
Library and Information Science with a
Master of Library and Information Science
and a graduate certificate in Public Library
Services for Children and Young Adults.
She is employed at the Caro Area District
Daniel (B ’05)
Brenda (Schulz)
McCracken (P ’08)
, of Comstock Park,
Mich., are proud to announce the birth of
their daughter, Kara Shannon, on June
15, 2013. She is the couple’s first child.
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